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Vadhu Recipe | Mixed Sprouted Beans | Sprouted Bean Curry Recipe | Vegan Bean Stew | Nori Nem Vadhu

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

During the summer, we, as Surti Gujarati's celebrate a religious month where we fast and enjoy a variety of foods. This dish is traditionally made on the 9th day of the month, using 9 different types of beans that are sprouted and cooked together. Using this variety of beans creates a dish that tastes like nothing else you've tasted before! It's healthy, full of protein & fibre and tastes delicious!

The cooking process is easy enough, but the sprouting process, though easy, takes a few days. So plan 4 days ahead for this recipe! It is only this patience that brings about the satisfaction of enjoying this dish! So endulge!

Vadhu | Mixed Sprouted Bean Recipe Cooking Time 1-2 hours (Approx)

Sprouting & Prep. Time 4 Days

Serves 5-7 People


· 150g Moong

· 100g Vaal (Field Beans)*

· 50g Masoor (Brown Lentils)

· 50g Moth (Moth Beans)*

· 90g Kala Chana (Black Chickpeas)*

· 25g White Chana (White Chickpeas)*

· 75g Red Chori (Adzuki Beans)

· 45g White Chori (Black-Eye Beans)

· 180g Drained, Tinned, Red Kidney Beans

· 2 tspn Salt

· 2 Medium Onions, sliced thick

· 1 Tbspn Ginger, coarsely ground

· 2 tspn Garlic, coarsely ground

· 2 tspn Green Chilis, or 5 broken by hand

· 2 Dry Red Chilis broken up into 2 pieces

· 2 Tbspn Oil



Measure out each of the beans by weight and look over them individually to remove any foreign particles or unfavourable looking beans.

Then place the beans in bowls large enough to allow you to soak them with at least 3cm (about 1 inch) of water above the level of the beans.

*Combine them as follows:

Black Chickpeas & White Chickpeas together;

Field Beans separate;

Moth Beans separate;

Moong, Brown Lentils, Adzuki Beans, Black-Eyed Beans together.

Rinse all the beans and then soak them in warm water, making sure you have plenty of water in the bowl. Leave them uncovered on the kitchen countertop overnight.


The following morning, remove all the water and rinse the beans. Wash the bowl and place the drained beans back into the bowl. Be sure to remove as much water as possible.

Cover the bowl with a plate. You don’t want the bowls to be covered so that they are airtight otherwise the beans will get sticky.

Leave the covered bowls on the countertop until the following evening (about 36 hours).


The following evening, take each bowl one at a time and shake the sprouted beans in the bowl. This will bring all the sprouted beans to the top.

Remove the sprouted beans from the top of the bowl into a larger bowl. Be sure to keep shaking and taking only the beans from the top.

When you get to the bottom of the bowl, you’ll end up with any beans that have not softened or sprouted. Pick out these beans and throw them away as they will not cook.

Do this with each of the bowls of sprouted beans and place all the beans into one large bowl.

Cover this large bowl with a lid and leave it overnight on the counter.


The following morning, rinse and drain the beans again and get ready to cook it.

Drain and wash the tinned kidney beans. Weigh out 180g and add it to the sprouted beans.

Put the sprouted beans in a pressure cooker or Instant Pot with 2 Tbspn Oil and 2 tspn Salt.

Add enough water to cover the beans with 2-3cm (1 inch) of water and pressure cook on high for 2 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally. This takes 20-30 minutes.

Open the Instant Pot and add all the remaining ingredients.

Cook on low setting for one hour, stirring occasionally to make sure it doesn’t stick. On the Instant Pot, set it on the low Saute setting for 30 minutes first. Then add another 30 minutes.

If you prefer a thicker curry, continue to cook it until you reach the desired consistency. You can pressure cook for 4-5 minutes in the beginning instead of 2 minutes, or add a little less water from the start.

Once the curry is cooked, serve it with a drizzle of oil and fresh lemon juice. Enjoy.


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