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Padron Peppers | How to Cook Padron Peppers | Easy Padron Pepper Recipe | Charred Peppers Recipe

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

You may have seen these small peppers in the supermarket but weren't sure how to cook them or eat them. Let me tell you that they are simply delicious! And they are VERY easy to cook! Let me show you how!

Charred Padron Peppers Recipe Cooking Time 5 Minutes (Approx)

Serves 2-3 People


· 110-150g Padron Peppers (washed and drained thoroughly)

· 1 tspn Sunflower Oil

· Sprinkle of Salt

· Sprinkle of Roasted & Ground Cumin (optional)


Make sure the Padron Peppers are completely dry after washing.

NOTE: Prepare this dish when you are ready to eat them, as they are best served hot.

Heat a frying pan on high heat. Let it heat up for about 30 seconds.

Add the Oil and let it heat up properly.

Add a Padron Pepper. It should sizzle when it touches the pan. If it does, add the remaining peppers. If not, let the pan heat up a little longer.

Keeping the heat on high, swirl the peppers in the pan and let them char.

Swirl to make sure all sides of the peppers get charred.

When the peppers are charred, sprinkle a little salt and cumin powder on them.

Move to a serving dish.

Enjoy hot, as they are. Simply YUM!


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