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Homemade Ghee: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Ghee from Butter

Updated: Jan 16

Have you been spending a lot of money buying ready-made Ghee? Well let me teach you how to make homemade Ghee from Butter! Not only does it taste so much better, but it'll save you money too! And it's not that hard to do! So let's get cooking!

Homemade Ghee Made From Butter Cooking Time: 20 Minutes (Approx)

Makes 1 200g Jar of Ghee INGREDIENTS

  • 250g Salted or Unsalted Butter (High Quality)

  • 1 tsp Water


In a 1 quart or small, heavy-bottomed pan, place unwrapped block of butter. If it's straight from the fridge, it's not a problem.

Heat the pan on a very low heat, the lowest setting on your stove. Let the butter melt. At this point, notice how much milk solids are in the melted butter and how white the bubbles look.

As the butter continues to cook, the milk solids will fall to the bottom and the butter will become more clear. The ghee is NOT done at this point. You only have clarified butter.

Continue cooking the clarified butter until the milk solids start to stick to the bottom and the butter fat (or ghee) looks really clean.

If you like a grainy texture, you can add a few teaspoons of water to the ghee. Let this water cook off completely for a few minutes. If you don't cook off the water completely, your ghee may go bad at room temperature.

When the ghee mixture looks clean on top and the solids have caramelised at the bottom, turn off the heat and let the ghee cool for about 30 - 45 minutes so you can sieve it into a container.

NOTE: Pouring VERY hot liquids into a glass container will cause it to crack, so make sure your ghee is allowed to cool.

Using a fine metal sieve, sieve the ghee into a clean, glass or steel jar. Don't cover it until the ghee is completely cooled down to avoid any condensation forming.

Enjoy this authentic Indian ghee in any dishes on my site! You'll see that it's really delicious!


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