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How to Make Khichdi | Kichdi Recipe | Moong Dal Khichdi | Gujarati Khichdi | Vegan

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Khichdi is a rice dish cooked with lentils. It's soft, lumpy and, ohhh so good! It is meant to be eaten with Ghee and Kadhi, but if you are vegan, you can have it without, or just use a vegan butter substitute.

There are many types of Khichdi, so I'll be making more videos on this dish in the near future. But for now, enjoy this Moong Dal Khichdi!

Khichdi Recipe Cooking Time 10 Minutes (Approx) Serves 3-4 People


· 95g Moong Dal (with skin)

· 3/4 Cup (140g) Rice

· ½ tspn Grated Ginger

· ¾ tspn Salt

· 1 Small Garlic Clove, Sliced (Optional)

· 1 – 2 tspn Ghee (or Vegan Butter)


Measure out your ingredients. There is NO need to soak the Rice and Dal for this recipe.

Look over the Dal and remove any foreign particles.

Wash the Dal and Rice together in a sieve or a bowl. Remove all the water.

Put the washed Rice & Dal in a pressure cooker or Instant Pot. This is the fastest and best way to cook this type of Khichdi.

Add the Water and all the other ingredients. You can add Ghee here too, but I leave it until the end.

Close the lid and pressure cook for 4 minutes in a pressure cooker or 5 minutes in the Instant Pot. Once the pressure has built up in the pressure cooker, be sure to turn down the heat from medium high to medium low.

Once it is cooked, let the pressure release naturally.

When you remove the lid, some of the skins from the dal will be floating on top. Just mix this in with a fork.

Enjoy hot with some Ghee and Kadhi! Simple and Delicious!


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