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Mum's Methi Farsi Puri Recipe | Jeera Mari Puri with Methi | Farsi Methi Puri | Farsi Methi Poori

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

My mum really enjoys making and eating snacks! So she makes sure she always has some at hand. For our recent trip to Scotland, she made these delicious puri that we all enjoyed with tea and as a snack in the car (we drove a LOT!!)

In this video, my mum shares her Farsi Puri with Methi recipe with us all. In addition, while rolling the puri, we got chatting about my mum's history a little bit! Watch the video to find out more!

I hope you enjoy these puri! And if you're lucky enough to have your parents around still, spend some time with them! You never know what you'll learn about them!

Methi Farsi Puri Recipe Cooking Time: 90 Minutes (Approx)

Resting Time: 60 Minutes (Approx)

Total Time: 2 1/2 Hours

Makes 35-38 Puri


  • 300g (2 Cups) Plain Flour

  • 50g (1/4 Cup) Roti/Chappati Flour

  • 50g Fresh or Frozen Chopped Methi Leaves (Fenugreek Leaves)

  • 20g (2 TBSP) Sesame Seeds

  • 10g (1 Heaped TBSP) Peppercorn Seeds

  • 10g (1 Heaped TBSP) Cumin Seeds

  • 20g (1 Heaped TBSP) Granulated Sugar

  • About 25g (3-4 tsp) Salt (According to Taste) But it should be slightly salty

  • 1 Cup Homemade Ghee

  • About 1/2 Cup Warm Water

  • About 3/4 Cup Oil for Frying


Grind a heaped TBSP of Peppercorn in a pestle mortar until it is coarsely ground. Keep aside.

In a large bowl, mix 2 Cups Plain Flour, 1/4 Cup Roti Flour, 2 TBSP Sesame Seeds, 1 heaped TBSP Sugar, 3-4 tsp Salt (taste it: it should be slightly salty), and the ground peppercorn.

Grind 1 heaped TBSP Cumin Seeds in the pestle and mortar until it is coarse and just releases the oil. Add it to the flour mix.

Once all the dry ingredients are mixed together, add the chopped Fenugreek leaves and mix it in well.

Add about 1/2 Cup Homemade Ghee and mix it in well.

Tip: Homemade Ghee is the best so don't compromise on this.

Tip: To tell if you have added enough ghee, do the 'fist test', meaning that you should be able to have a fist full of the mix stay together. If it breaks, there is not enough ghee and your puri will be hard. Add a little more ghee, mix it in then repeat the test.

Tip: Older flours will need more ghee than freshly opened packets that are in date.

To bind the dough, gradually add warm water and knead the dough to make a fairly stiff dough. We will let the dough rest and it will soften further, so don't make it too soft! It should be like normal puri dough. I added just less than 1/2 Cup Warm Water.

Cover the dough with a bowl and let it rest for 10 minutes.

After resting the dough, give it a quick knead. You will notice he texture is much smoother.

Split the dough into balls that are about an inch in diameter. I ended up making 35 puri from the dough I had.

Roll the puri out so that they are about 3mm thick. Make 5 little cuts evenly spaced on the surface of the puri. This ensures the puri don't rise!

Tip: Use a little bit of Ghee when rolling, so the puri don't stick.

Lay the Puri out on a tray or on your countertop. Let them dry out for 20-30 minutes on one side. Then flip them over to dry out again for another 20 minutes or so. A little longer is fine.

Tip: Letting the poori dry out a little bit helps the moisture in them evaporate and makes the puri more crispy.

To fry the puri, place the remaining Ghee in a pan along with enough Oil to reach about 1 inch deep of fat. Melt the Ghee and Oil mix on a medium-high heat, then reduce the oil and let it heat up for a few minutes. Test by dropping in a small bit of dough. It should respond after a few seconds.

Tip: You don't want the Oil too hot, otherwise the Puri will turn red too quickly without cooking and, therefore, be soft.

Once the oil is heated, add enough puri to fit comfortably in your pan. Let it fry on one side without touching it for a minute or so. The colour will start to change which indicates it's time to turn it over (it goes from a raw white colour to an opaque white colour).

Flip all the Puri carefully. Let them fry until they become a light golden colour. Then flip them one more time. Fry until they are a lovely golden colour. Don't let them go too dark in colour. You'll notice that the bubbles will reduce slightly when the Puri are done.

Remove the Puri to a tray lined with newspaper and paper towels. Let the puri drain well.

Store in an airtight container. Enjoy with a hot cup of Masala Chai!

Note: If you end up adding too much Ghee, the Puri may become greasy.

How can I remove oil from my fried snacks?

To remove some of the oil from your fried snacks, pre-heat up your oven to about 160ºC. Line a baking tray with newspaper and then paper towels. Lay out your snack on top of the paper towels. Then put the tray in the pre-heated oven for about 5 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the tray in there for another 5 minutes. Remove the tray and let the snacks cool down. You will notice a lot of the grease has come out. Note: if the snacks were fried in oil that was not fresh, the snacks may end up with a rancid flavour. So always fry snacks in fresh oil.

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