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The Secret to Making Crispy Chips (Fries) at Home

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I just had to share this video with you all as, in the past week, I've had two people ask me how to make chips at home. Most people think it's and easy process as just cutting up the taters and throwing them in some hot oil. You can do that, but if you want AMAZING chips, there's a few simple extra steps you need to do. And it's not that hard!

I have tried the double frying method and find the chips come out very greasy. Plus I hate the fact that I have to double-fry. So I DON'T do it!! This is a single fry method and it really works! Watch the video and follow the steps and the tips.

Oh, and I must apologise to you now, because I just know you are going to love this and make chips at home more often!!

Crispy Chips Frying Time 20 Minutes (Approx)


  • Maris Piper Potatoes

  • Sunflower Oil / Corn Oil / Peanut Oil

  • Salt


Please watch the video for the method and tips.


  1. Use a pan large enough to hold one and a half times the chips you have. You don't want the oil to over flow when you are frying.

  2. Use LESS oil than you think you need. To estimate how much, just imagine how the chips would look when you put them in the pan by themselves (or actually put them in the pan if you need to) and the oil level should be just less than where the chips come to in the pan. Clean the pan if you did put the chips in.

  3. Make sure the oil is hot enough - see the video.

  4. Time you full meal so the chips are hot and ready when the rest of your meal is ready. The chips will take about 20 minutes to fry. It takes about 5-7 minutes to heat up the oil. So plan on the chips taking about 25 minutes to cook. Have the rest of your meal ready along with the chips.

  5. Use newspaper to help drain the oil after they are done frying. See the video.

  6. Keep your salt handy! You need to sprinkle this on straight after the chips come out of the oil.



Chandrika Ladwa
Chandrika Ladwa

Hi Vasanti, I cooked Chips and came out very well. Sure going to cook this way as my grandson likes them, thank you. 👌

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